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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Pride in Our Community Closing Date June 1st 2018

Pride in Our Community Competition 

Closing Date Friday June 1st 2018
Has your group developed or are you in the process of improving amenities in your 
local community? 
  • Are you a Tidy Towns Group in the process of improving your area ?
  • Are your group planning Community walks and trails?
  • Playgrounds, Community Fields?
  • Community Centre renovations? 
  • upgrades to monuments and amenity areas? 
  • River clean-ups, 
  • Community Signs, Murals?
  • Biodiversity areas, Community gardens, allotments? 
  • Graveyard restoration? 
  • Floral displays on streetscape? 
  • All weather facilities, tree planting, Floral bedding etc?
Youth Groups can also enter

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then feel free to enter the 
Pride in Our Community Competition which has a Prize Fund of over €10.000

It is open to all communities in county Cork big and small. 

Enter online here It takes just two minutes to enter.

The Role Of The Chairperson

Role of the Chairperson  

The Chairperson is the leader of the group and as such must have the ability to work with other individuals successfully. A good Chairperson can improve the quality of work/output of a Committee immensely.
‘Of a good leader, When his task is finished, his goal achieved, They will say, ‘We did this ourselves’.’ (Loe-tse – Chinese Philosopher)

What does a Chairperson do?  

1. The Chairperson must be a person who is fully committed to the aims of the Organisation and be prepared to work hard in the interests of the Organisation. 2. The Chairperson acts as a spokesperson or a representative of the Organisation. 3. Acts as controller of all discussions at meetings. 4. Ensures that the Organisation has regular meetings of officers and members.

Qualities of a Good Chairperson  

1. Ability to conduct in a pleasant tactful manner and with complete impartiality. 2. Ability to speak clearly and succinctly. 3. Have a friendly disposition and a sense of a humour. 4. Posses the ability to think objectively, and always control emotions. 5. Have the ability to delegate responsibilities, so that the maximum number of members become involved and gain the experience.

How should a Chairperson go about the Job?  

1. It is important that the chairperson has a good working relationship with all fellow officers. The chairperson is the leader of the team. 2. The chairperson needs to be thoroughly familiar with matters of procedure, with the Constitution and Rules, and with the working of the whole Organisation. 3.  The ability to delegate responsibilities is also very important. This ensures that the maximum number of people become actively involved in the running of the Organisation. It also acts as a good introduction to future leaders.
Duties before the Meeting 
The chairperson should consult with the Secretary to ensure that a) Suitable premises and facilities for the meeting are arranged; b) The agenda is prepared; c) Each item on the agenda and their implications are fully understood; d) Anyone who is to report to the meeting is aware of the fact.
Duties at Meetings  
1. Arrive in good time and start the meeting on time.
2. Lay out the chairs in an informal manner, in a circle or ‘horseshoe’ shape to encourage discussion and participation. The size of the meeting will determine whether this seating arrangement is feasible or not. 3. Declare the meeting open; it is not a legal meeting otherwise. 4. Receive apologies for absence. 5. Have minutes adopted and signed. 6. Deal with each item on the agenda. Take a decision on each item before moving on to the next. 7. Curtail any discussion which is not relevant to the current item on the agenda. 8. Sum up points made during a discussion. It will help when making a decision on a matter if a summary of points for and against a motion are put to the meeting.
9. When motions have been proposed, seconded and agreed, or action recommended, he/she should make sure that the Secretary has noted the information and especially the action to be taken and the person who is to take it. 10. Ensure that everyone who wants to speak on an issue gets the opportunity. It is the Chairperson’s responsibility to encourage shy or hesitant people to contribute to the meeting. If two people wish to speak at the same time, the Chairperson indicates the person who is to speak first. His/her decision is final. 11. Remember, most importantly, you are there to guide the meeting. 12. Finally, the meeting must be declared closed.
Duties after the Meeting
1. Try to mix with people after the meeting to get their views and feedback. 2. Check that those members who have been delegated responsibilities understand what their tasks involve 3. Try to give recognition and encouragement to all members, it is vital for motivation and success.

Successful Green Ribbon Event in Fermoy

The Fermoy committee of Cork Mental Health Foundation hosted a very informative and entertaining health information seminar and social evening in the beautiful setting of the Anderson Room in the Fermoy Community Youth Centre last week. They welcomed over seventy  friends and neighbours’ from nearby Glanworth Kilworth and Locals in Fermoy to the evening seminar organised in conjunction with Cork County Federation Muintir na Tíre and the Fermoy Community Health Network.
 Members of Fermoy branch of Cork Mental Health Foundation Muintir na Tire Cork, and the Fermoy Community Health Project pictured with Helen Looney and Ann Marie Sheehan of the Mental Health Services HSE North Cork, Councillors Frank O'Flynn and Deirdre O Brien  and main speaker Joe Heffernan 
Jacinta McCormack welcomed everybody to Fermoy. She said that they were delighted to host this very important health information seminar. Mr. Finbarr Motherway of Cork County Federation Muintir na Tíre thanked Fermoy for hosting the seminar and he said he was most impressed by the facilities in Fermoy Community Youth Centre overlooking the beautiful River Blackwater.  Finbarr who is Chairman of the organising committee thanked everybody involved in organising the event and he thanked the HSE Community Work Department North Cork for supporting the event  and especially Jacinta and the local group for all their work in preparing the event. 

This event was part of the Green Ribbon Campaign to encourage people in Ireland to end Mental Health Stigma.   Collaboration was to the fore as the Fermoy branch of Cork Mental Health Foundation Muintir na Tire Cork, and the Fermoy Community Health Project  came  together to hold this great event for older people.

The event entitled Happy Mind, Happy Life. Be Active, Be Aware, Be Involved was a great Evening of Conversation, Tea and Dancing  with a focus on Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

The evening began with some short talks on mental health and on what was available to older people in the North Cork Area from Helen Looney and Ann Marie Sheehan of the Mental Health Services HSE North Cork.  They also gave some tips as to how you can keep your mind resilient and in good shape. The main speaker was Joe Heffernan who does a weekly radio spot on (C103) each Tuesday on Patricia Messenger's show (North Cork Today) and he gave the audience a lot of food for thought as to how we can build mental health resilience in our daily lives. 
The evening continued with light refreshments and dancing to the ever popular John White.

Denis Kelly Community Development Officer 021 4500688

Monday, 21 May 2018

Do the Cork City Marathon in aid of Focus Ireland

The official Cork City marathon and half marathon courses take you through the beautiful and unique streetscapes of Cork city and suburbs on Sunday 3rd June 2018.

 The full marathon is accompanied by the team relay, which allows up to 5 people share the course - a great way to take part in a great occasion!

Anyone can take part, joggers and walkers are always welcome to take up the challenge.  If you are interested in taking part in the Cork City marathon for the first time or are an elite runner, we would love you to do it in aid of Focus Ireland and help us end homelessness every step of the way.

Employability Support Service assist people with a disability to secure and maintain a job in the open labour market.

EmployAbilityCork provides an employment support service for people with a
health condition, injury, illness or disability
We also provide a recruitment advice service for the Business Community
Our services are FREE of charge


Services for Employers
  • Free recruitment and employment service
  • Database of skilled jobseekers
  • Access to a committed, local work force
  • On-going support from a professional team of Job Coaches
  • Advice on employment grants and supports
  • Savings on recruitment and selection costs
  • Wage Subsidy Scheme
  • Jobs Plus Scheme
  • Retention Grant Scheme
  • Workplace equipment/adaptation grants
  • Interview Interpreter Grant
  • Personal Reader Grant
  • Disability Awareness Training Support Scheme
Employment Grants & Supports
The Department of Social Protection provides a range of employment supports aimed at helping employees with a disability to gain and retain employment including the Reasonable Accommodation fund for the employment of people with disabilities and other services.  
For more information visit:

Job Seekers

Supported Employment Programme
The Supported Employment Programme provides a nationwide employment and recruitment service to assist people with a disability to secure and maintain a job in the open labour market.

People with a disability who are job ready and need a level of support to succeed in long-term and sustainable employment.

Service Details
The Supported Employment Service provides a range of supports to employers and people with a disability, through Job Coaches. The range of supports include:
·         Individual Needs Assessment
·         Vocational Profiling and Career Planning
·         Individual Employment Plan
·         Job Sourcing and Job Matching
·         On-the-Job Support and Coaching
·         Advice and Support to Employers
·         Follow-up Support and Mentoring to both Employers & Employees
Services for Jobseekers
Career Advice:
·         Professional guidance in career planning
·         Identification of skills
·         Job search support and advice
Employment Support:
·         Access to job vacancies
·         Support with the job application process
·         Matching skills with employers needs
·         Work experience placements
·         Employers sourced
·         Assistance with integrating into the workplace
Follow-up Support:
·         Access to support services as required to maintain employment
·         Advice on employment benefits and entitlements
Employment Grants & Supports
·         DSP provides a range of employment supports aimed at helping employees with a disability to gain and retain employment
·         These include the Reasonable Accommodation Fund for the Employment of People with Disabilities and other services
How to contact us
Job seekers need to be referred by an Intreo Employment Service Officer (ESO) or a Local Employment Service (LES) Mediator.
To make an enquiry or to apply for Supported Employment, call into your local Intreo
and register with the Department of Social Protection. 
Intreo (city centre location)
Unit 1, Cornmarket Centre, 13 - 15 Cornmarket Street, Cork
021 494 8900 
Other Intreo locations:
Department of Social Protection, Local Office, Hanover Quay, Cork 
021 427 0055
Intreo, 103 / 104 Main Street, Mallow, Co. Cork
022 21900
or visit Intreo
Local Employment Service (head office) 
Heron House, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork 

021 430 2310
Other LES locations:
Blackpool, Cork.   021 450 6266
City Centre, Cork. 021 427 8711 / 021 427 8770
Churchfield, Cork.   021 421 1048
Hollyhill / Knocknaheeny, Cork.   021 421 1050
Mahon, Cork.   021 435 0496
Mayfield, Cork.   021 455 3956
Togher, Cork.   021 432 0428
or visit: Cork City Partnership or Local Employment Service
For more information visit:

Leave No Trace

The natural biodiversity of Ireland has created wonderful landscapes for us to explore and enjoy. To ensure that this continues to be the case for all of us it is important when out and about that you behave in a manner that ensures the protection of all species, habitats and landscapes. The following are some tips:

  • Plan ahead and prepare for your trip checking out access, policies and any equipment needed
  • Be considerate of others especially those who live and work in the countryside
  • Respect farm animals and wildlife ensuring that you do not disturb them
  • Travel and camp on durable ground sticking to existing tracks and campsites where possible
  • Leave what you find respecting property, archaeological
  • Dispose of waste properly either in facilities provided or by bringing it home.
  • Minimise the effects of fire that can cause lasting effects on wildlife and farmland.

Get more information on Leave no Trace Ireland

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