Thursday, 15 February 2018

Healthy Ireland Programme at your Library

The Healthy Ireland at Your Library programme is taking place across the library network nationwide, including Cork County Library. It is a Dept. of Health funded programme which enhances current health information in public libraries by providing new book stock, e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines on health and wellbeing and a wider selection of health information for all users. Titles will cover areas such as healthy eating and active living, wellbeing and healthy childhood.
Events, including talks and workshops, are also being offered with a focus on physical health, mental health and health information. A wide and varied programme of events is currently being planned in Branches throughout the county. These include talks on diabetes and healthy eating, mindful walking and positive aging – from a talk on positive mental health for older adults in Skibbereen to a talk about bone health in Fermoy to mindful walking in Macroom. While all these events are free to attend, booking is recommended and can be made through the library holding the event. Further events are also being planned and details of all events will be available in your local library and also on the library website at

Dementia information evening and book launch

The Crystal Project invites you to our

Dementia Information Evening
Book Launch

·       Official launch of ‘Feathers in My Brain’ Childrens Book
Kevin Quaid, Living with Lewy Body Dementia

·       Explaining dementia
Dr Ciara McGlade, Consultant Geriatrician

·       Practical tips for living with dementia
Sheena Cadoo, Occupational Therapist

·       Supports and services 
Amy Murphy, Dementia Adviser

Wednesday 28th February 2018
Charleville Park Hotel

Any queries contact
Sheena Cadoo, 086 787 1818 or Amy Murphy, 086 781 2217

All are welcome 

Dementia information evening and book launch

We are delighted to be hosting a dementia information evening in the Charleville Hotel on Wed 28th Feb. At this we will be launching our new children's book, ‘Feathers in my Brain’. This book sensitively addresses how a diagnosis of dementia can be felt by all the family and explores how Aoife and her Granny remain best friends throughout the changes they experience.
It is the first of its kind to be created in Ireland and we are looking forward to welcoming Kevin Quaid, who lives with Lewy Body Dementia, to launch it.

At this event, Dr Ciara McGlade be giving an overview of dementia, Ill be looking at practical tips for living with dementia and Amy Murphy, Dementia Adviser with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland will be speaking about services.
Please see attached flyer for further information.
Please forward this information to anyone you think would be interested in attending and display the flyer in your places of work,

Much appreciated,


Sheena Cadoo

Occupational Therapist / Crystal Project Lead  | Cork Kerry Community Healthcare | Health Service Executive| Memory Resource Room  |Floor 2 | Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre| Gouldshill | Mallow | Co Cork | Eircode: P51Y8EC.
Working week: TuesdayWednesdayThursday.
Tel. 022/58700 | Mobile 086 787 1818 | E-mail:

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Making a call for young people aged 15-24 year -olds not in education Mitchelstown area

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

County Cork wins Best Community-Based Initiative at the 2018 All-Ireland Community and Council Awards

County Cork wins Best Community-Based Initiative at the 2018 All-Ireland Community and Council Awards
In the 2018 All Ireland Community and Council Awards, held in Croke Park, Dublin, on Saturday 3rd February, the County of Cork was awarded Best Community-Based Initiative with regard to ‘Centenary Commemorations in the County of Cork’. Amongst eight counties shortlisted for the award, including Mayo, Kildare, Meath and Roscommon, the County of Cork came out on top for its holistic and community wide approach to commemorating Ireland’s past and the men and women who have made us who we are today.
The Centenary Year Commemorations in 2016 were a tremendous success with over 500 events organised by more than 200 community groups in the County of Cork. Commemorations continued right throughout 2017 with regard to the 150th anniversary of the Fenian Rising as well as the Centenary of the arrival of the US Naval Service to Cork’s shores. The years ahead will see many more events as we commemorate Cork’s pivotal role in the War of Independence and Civil War.
The Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Declan Hurley congratulated those involved, “Commemorations in the County have been greatly encouraged by Cork County Council and its Commemorations Committee. The receiving of the award to testament to the pride that the County has for its heritage and an accolade for all groups throughout the County who are passionate about commemorating Irish history in their own locality. “
The award was presented by G.A.A. personality Marty Morrissey. 

Monday, 12 February 2018

To Sow, Or Not To Sow, How Do You Know When It's The Right Time? News from GIY

Let's get this out of the way. "Chitting involves leaving your seed potatoes in a bright room so that they will start to sprout...." So stop laughing.
It’s been nearly four months since my last seed sowing so it’s wonderful to be back in the potting shed this week doing my favourite thing, sowing seeds. It’s February, so it’s still relatively tentative sowing and almost exclusively confined to vegetables and herbs that will be planted out in the polytunnel as opposed to outside e.g. tomatoes, chilli-peppers, aubergines, spinach, beetroot, and some salad leaves and herbs (oriental greens, lettuce, rocket, coriander and dill).  Tomatoes, aubergines and chillis need a long growing season so you’re as well to get them started in this month, although you could wait another couple of weeks if you want.

The weather has been arctic of course with some snow on the ground this week, all of which makes it more challenging to persuade the little seeds that it’s a good plan to come out of the ground.  Basically, success at this time of the year is about cheating them in to thinking it’s spring.  First of all I use an electric propagation mat, which gives the seeds some ‘heat from beneath’ to help them on their way.  It’s important to keep a close eye on watering when doing this, as the compost can be inclined to dry out on a sunny day with the extra heat.

Secondly, I also put some horticultural fleece over the trays and pots, always at night time and often in the day as well if it’s particularly cold outside.  It’s better if you can leave it off by day so they get plenty of light (which they also need as well as decent temperatures).  I find it’s an added bonus if you can bring the water for watering them up to room temperature.  I use a 2l water bottle with some little holes in the lid as a nimble watering can at this time of the year it’s ideal for watering seed trays.  I leave it on the heating mat, so the water warms up too.  They seem to appreciate it.

It’s impossible not to feel buoyant, hopeful and full of springtime enthusiasm when you see signs of life emerging in a seed tray. Let’s hope the winter cold snap moves off soon to enhance the experience.

The Basics; Chitting Spuds

Chitting potatoes is a process where we try to get a little bit of a head start with our spuds while we wait for the weather and soil to warm up a little.  The idea is that because you’ve got this headstart, you will be able to harvest potatoes a little earlier.  Chitting involves leaving your seed potatoes in an egg box or seed tray in a room that’s relatively bright so that they will start to sprout.  These sprouts will eventually become the shoots that appear above the ground.

Leave them like this for about a month to six weeks and they should produce lots of sturdy green sprouts.  Stand the potatoes in the tray so that the “eye” end is facing up (the eye being the little depressions found on each spud).  Hence the use of an egg carton it helps the spuds to stand up.

It’s important that the room is bright, if it is too dark, the sprouts are literally reaching for light, which will make them long, leggy, translucent and weak.  Chances are the sprouts will then break when put in the ground. Shorter, green sprouts will be much tougher. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

World Meeting of Families

Invitation for members, service users, staff, participants and their families of your organisation to join with the priests and people of Cork and Ross as we celebrate in preparation for the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families

Rev Dr Charles N. Kiely
Director of Pastoral Planning and Development
Diocese of Cork and Ross

Parochial House
T12 K798

Tel: 021 4537603

Invitation from


to join with us


Cathedral of Ss Mary and Anne, Cork

for a celebration liturgy with
Most Rev Dr John Buckley
Bishop of Cork and Ross

and an opportunity to place your prayer petition
into the box that will be taken to the
closing Mass of the World Meeting of Families
celebrated by Pope Francis

RSVP to:

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Planning a trip for your group ? Why not Historical Youghal?

I am writing to you from Youghal Tourist Office in Co.Cork.We are trying to promote Youghal at the moment as it is a very popular beautiful visitor destination.

In the last year we have refurbished an old structure "Youghal Clock Gate Tower" originally built in 1777 and have started doing tours which have been a huge success. Please find link attached.

We also have the second oldest working church in Ireland in Youghal called "St Mary's Collegiate Church" which was erected in 1220. This is surrounded by the best conditioned, still-standing Town Walls which you can still walk along and provides an amazing panoramic view of Youghal town and its harbour. Please find link attached.

Our Lighthouse is currently in the process of being refurbished which we are very excited about and will be ready for tours this coming summer.

We have an absolutely amazing boat tour of the river  Blackwater throughout the summer season which can be arranged in time depending on which trip you would like to take. They range from 1.5 hrs-4 hrs in duration.

We have an  abundance of restaurants and cafes in our area to suit your taste and budget and we would be happy to provide information on these at your request.

We are ideally situated for tours with the Midleton Distillery only 20 minutes drive, the cliffs of Ardmore only 15 minutes drive or Lismore heritage town only 20 minutes away.

I would be more than happy to discuss this matter further with you in more detail and see if we can possibly work together to arrange tours of our area with your group. If you wish to browse further, please follow our link

Thanking you,



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